” You are ice and fire the touch of you burns my hands like snow “

Black Ice Financial is a trading firm leader in the research and development of investment strategies with a specific target: provide support to its clients to achieve their competitive edge  in the financial markets thanks to our proficient strategies. Black ice financial creates value through effective risk management. Our risk management protocols include rigorous internal controls, limits and scenario analysis. We promote innovation, dedicated research, development of rigorous model and a mathematic approach to risk management in all of our proprietary strategies. As traders we face every task with an athletic mind set: for us fair play is a basic method and we always work to improve what we’ve achieved; as we always want to improve our self. We’re experienced and independent, these skills secure us the ideal contest to implement and improve our innovative technology.

Our vision

World changes continuously, it is thus vital to be up to date and grow qualitatively.Our focus is to face forward, to understand trends which lead the markets. Today we need to be ready for tomorrow. We think strategically and we act concrete. This is our vision: to settle a long term goal for our investors and guide us to face every challenges. Our key to success is a mathematic quantitative approach together with a rigorous control of the risk management.



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Years of experience

About Us

Our experienced traders work together for a long time and have an excellent knowledge of financial markets. 

They have sharp, creative minds  and have developed, on mathematics’ basis, quantitative systems to emphasize return on capital and minimize the risk on a mathematical basis. 

Since you’re already thinking, think big. Nothing and nobody can stop you doing it!

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